HEAR does not itself campaign. It supports members to campaign together and ensure that their priorities are heard by decision and policy makers.

HEAR works to open doors for its members and enables them to participate in forums that might not otherwise be available to them.

HEAR always tries to ensure, members themselves can attend and participate, and where decisions are made that affect Londoners, that equalities voluntary and community sector representation exists in all places. Where members cannot themselves be present, HEAR takes steps to collect the views, priorities and concerns of its members and represents them, tracking results and feeding back.

HEAR strengthens the ability to influence by taking part in statutory sector led bodies such as the London Health Equity Group, London Recovery Task Force, Mayor's Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Group and other similar bodies. 

HEAR also supports member campaigns by organising regular forums, Steering Group meetings and workshops on topics relevant to campaigning.

Recent Campaigns

Digital inclusion in London is an important topic and focus of our work at HEAR