Thank You! from the bottom of my heart. Looking back at what has been a surreal year, it is obvious to me I would be poorer in ideas, reflections and resources without the activities of HEAR. This made a real difference and inspired me as so many others across London greatly.

HEAR works to enable small grassroot organisations, and individuals, with lived experience to share platforms and spaces and have their voices heard by decision makers, and large organisations, on an equal platform. Everyone works together.

  • "I was very thankful to be able to speak with the GLA directly, it felt as though they understood our concerns in regards to health inequalities"
  • “People must have the right to say no and the freedom to choose” Member, talking about the right to alternative provision
  • “Real life examples are powerful and there is real power in us all coming together”
  • “We didn’t realise we were digitally excluded until the pandemic”
  • "Networks uphold communication which has been such an important thing for us all during the past year – a life-saver for some – so your work has been so valuable" funder feedback during pandemic"
  • "It's an absolute pleasure working with HEAR and we really value all of your guidance and expertise as we've developed the programme together so many thanks again, it's hugely appreciated!"

HEAR has supported members to campaign.

HEAR itself does not campaign or take positions, it acts as an enabler for its members, their campaigns, priorities, and voices.

Examples are on the following issues:

  • Digital Exclusion
  • Hate Crime
  • Planning and Regeneration
  • Improvements to the asylum system
  • Mental health equality
  • LGBTQI Diversity

Research and information

  • Impact of Covid 19
  • Net Equality
  • Digital Exclusion
  • Cost of Living Crisis
  • Inclusive Volunteering

HEAR has contributed to research

  • Intersectionality in Practice (University of Edinburgh)
  • Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Data Standards research
  • GLA Social Infrastructure research
  • GLA London Community Response research
  • Public Health England Social Prescribing for Refugees and Migrants
  • GLA Community Conversations
  • Government White Paper on Planning Reform 2020
  • Inclusive Volunteering Spirit 2012

Bringing people together

Examples of Information Sharing, Learning and Networking Events organised by HEAR include:

  • Digital Inclusion London Network
  • Charities Challenging Hate Crime
  • Social Prescribing for Refugees and Migrants in partnership with London Plus and the GLA
  • Social Prescribing and Intersectionality with London Plus
  • The Right to Food with Sustain and Just Fair
  • Understanding Intersectionality with Refugee Action
  • Intersectionality and the Equality Act 2010 with Equally Ours
  • What is Trust and Why Do We Need It?
  • Improving Practice in Equalities Data Collection
  • London Pan Equality Hate Crime Network