A strength of HEAR is stepping back from day to day work and exploring with members core concepts and 'big ideas' that lie at the heart of working for equality, and form the foundations for future or current work.

HEAR enables concepts, that can sometimes appear overly theoretical, to be understood and linked to practical action.

Examples of innovation in practice

  • translating theoretical understanding into practical action with partners, for example London Plus and the Greater London Authority (GLA) on intersectionality and social prescribing, and with Refugee Action in relation to supporting refugees with diverse and intersectional identities.
  • working with Edinburgh University on a research project about operationalizing intersectionality in the voluntary sector.
  • exploring ‘trust’ at a theoretical level and how this relates to working practice, particularly community level trust and how to promote trust and confidence in public services.
  • HEAR has organised diverse events, including as part of the London Festival of Ideas, and taken part in the PACT Pioneers programme

Net Equality project

Through the Net Equality project https://netequality.org.uk/ HEAR and its members have explored ideas around the structure and functions of networks and campaigns.

Current HEAR work themes include:

  1. Cost of Living Crisis/Covid
  2. Health Equality
  3. Digital Inclusion
  4. Inclusive Volunteering