The Traveller Movement developed ‘Tutors for GRT’ in reaction to the Covid-19 pandemic. The movement has many years experience of casework with Gypsy, Roma and Traveller (GRT) families, demonstrating home schooling would be difficult for many GRT parents because of digital exclusion and low literacy levels.

The project develops a tailored tutoring relationship with GRT families and tutors (with a DBS).

To illustrate some of the barriers when working with GRT clients, our caseworkers often spent whole summers filling out online School Admission and Travel Support forms,  because our clients didn’t have computers or the digital skills to fill in online forms themselves. Most Local Authorities had not provided or offered help in filling the forms for those who needed it.

‘Tutors for GRT’ project is inclusive of every GRT family regardless of their access to tablets, laptops/computers and printers or the quality of their internet connection.

Every tutoring relationship is tailored to the child’s needs, using a variety of methods such as workbooks being sent, fiction books (copies to both tutor and tutee) to help with only having a small mobile screen to work with,  as well as storytelling and journaling.