In the last decade, there has been increasing conversation about intersectionality, but often a lack of awareness and confidence amongst practitioners and policymakers about how to apply it.

Intersectionality in Practice by Dr Ashlee Christoffersen at the University of Edinburgh shares findings of co-produced research, including HEAR, from the first study of how policymakers and practitioners themselves understand how to apply intersectionality.

It is the first in-depth exploration of internationality's applications in the UK.

Applying intersectionality in practice holds multiple benefits for organisations and the communities they represent and work with.

The report, animation and video interviews with leading practitioners aim to increase knowledge, confidence and commitment to apply intersectionality, leading to transformations in practice that further intersectional justice.

Intersectionality in Practice report

This report aimed at practitioners and policymakers shares learning from the research about how intersectionality is applied.

It shares examples for practitioners which demonstrate the strengths and limitations of different ways of applying intersectionality, and is intended to inform intersectionality's growing interpretation and application by policymakers.

The report challenges understandings and applications of intersectionality, considers questions of representation, and makes recommendations to equality organisations, policymakers and funders.

Download the Intersectionality in Practice report

Interviews with equality specialists

You can watch a series of video interviews with equality specialists about how the research can be applied.

  • Mridul Wadhwa, Equality campaigner, Scotland
  • Christine Goodall, Network Coordinator, London's HEAR Equality and Human Rights Network
  • Tansy Hutchinson, Head of Policy, Equally Ours
  • Asif Afridi, Deputy CEO, brap, Birmingham

Watch the videos

Intersectionality in Practice animation

The Intersectionality in Practice animation (Mary Martins) explains intersectionality in clear terms and outlines the five applied concepts of intersectionality defined in the report. 

Watch the Intersectionality in Practice animation