LGBTQI+ Diversity

LGBTQI+ Diversity

On the theme of LGBTQI+ Diversity HEAR members tasked us with increasing intersectional and under-represented LGBTQI+ voices in London to influence appropriate service provision.

HEAR members said it was important that HEAR’s LGBTQI+ Diversity work:

  • highlights the intersectional lives of LGBTQI+ Londoners
  • Creates new connections across HEAR membership bringing together non-LGBT focussed groups and LGBT-focussed groups to highlight the needs of under-represented LGBTQI+ people
  • promotes best practice when providing services to LGBTQI+ people by understanding real experiences and intersecting causes of poverty and using evidence-based solutions to influence service delivery

What HEAR is doing to meet the task

Run events, including a Symposium, where under-represented and intersectional LGBTQI+ people lead the agenda

HEAR LGBTQI+ Diversity events are co-produced with under-represented and intersectional LGBTQI+ people. Many of these projects are user-led and over capacity. There are, however, potential opportunities to amplify voices and share priorities and campaigns across these diverse communities, the 2018 Symposium will support this. Some of our previous conference agenda and publicity are below. Please share this LGBTQI+ Diversity Building Solidarity Symposium poster and the image above for your social media

Support members’ projects
Support and promote user-led and specialist LGBTQI+ projects that highlight intersectional and under-represented communities and needs. HEAR will continue to outreach into communities and highlight members’ work that reaches under-represented LGBTQI+ people particularly the intersections with race, faith and disability, the bi/pan/sapio and intersex communities and LGBTQI+ women.

For example here is IntersexUK’s response to the Gender Recognition Act consultation that highlights the need to involve Experts by Experience at the first stages of any policy or service development

Promote the need to commission specialist and user-led services for LGBTQI+ people
The LGBT Consortium’s Still Out There report clearly indicates the needs for specialist commissioning and delivery in order to overcome inequality and meet the needs of London’s diverse LGBTQI+ communities. HEAR will connect policy makers and commissioners in London with experts by experience from diverse LGBTQI+ communities and highlight the particular needs of these communities.

Previous events and successes

Our #PrideFringe event had speakers from iUK, Bis Of Colour, MicroRainbow International, Rainbow Head Youth, Rainbow Pilgrims and Twilight People