Policy and Campaigns Project

The HEAR Network has a dedicated Policy and Campaigns coordinator, Mhairi McGhee.

HEAR knows that our members, charities and community organisations on the frontline, are in the best position to campaign and lobby for inclusion and rights. Our members have an authentic voice, know what is needed to reduce discrimination and promote equality and many are ‘user-led’ and Experts by Experience.

HEAR does not campaign for our members, instead we help them do it for themselves. For example HEAR member Just Fair is producing a rights-based submission to the UK Parliament House of Lords COVID-19 Committee inquiry into ‘Living online: the long-term impact on wellbeing’ and looking to collaborate – so email Misha Nayak-Oliver, ‘misha.nayak-oliver@justfair.org.uk‘ before Thursday 26 November to discuss how you want to get involved (read more here)

Mhairi’s role is to support London’s VCS (Voluntary and Community Sector) to campaign and lobby for improved rights and services for disadvantaged communities in London.

• HEAR connects organisations with campaigning experience and those starting out
• HEAR shares methods, pathways, tips and information across equality streams
• HEAR get our members in a room with (or inbox of) policy makers, commissioners and service providers
• HEAR is a point for exchanging members’ research, information and case-studies
• HEAR collates and disseminates information from our members to promote understanding of intersectional and pan-equality issues
• HEAR promotes lived experience and being user-led as the best way to overcome exclusion and discrimination

Our current policy and campaign themes are Disabled Asylum Seekers and Refugees, and Digital Exclusion. Soon we will be consulting our members to find out what their priorities for lobbying and campaigning are in our post-pandemic world. Contact Mhairi to tell us what you think HEAR should use its unique position in London’s civil society to do for equailty, human rights and social justice, and to find out more about our current work.

Previous topics we have worked on are Pan-Equality Hate Crime, LGBTQI+ Diversity and Mental Health Equality.

These are big topics, but topics that many of our members have been working on for some time and that will benefit from sharing experiences and expertise.

HEARs Policy and Campaigns work is funded by Trust for London.