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Upcoming HEAR events


Workshop – 10th of June 12:00 – 13:30 – NetEquality Wellbeing – Mapping, Connecting & Sharing

Mapping, connecting and sharing pan-equality, to help address some of the challenges we face surrounding Mental Wellbeing

We have come together to work across our equality networks to build the NetEquality project, looking at how digital tools can help some of the issues we are facing.

We know from our members that there is now a stronger need than ever to find out information and share resources. We think that mapping, connecting well, and sharing expertise / resources / information can help to address inequalities, by increasing opportunities for solidarity and strengthening campaigns.

We are focusing on Mental Wellbeing, and what we can share and learn from each other who do work in this area. We will be building on what people shared at our first event on the 18th of May, which brought together a wide range of people who are doing inspiring work.

What will you get out of this event?

1. Learn more about how Network Mapping can help your organisation

2. Share and find out about connections between different organisations pan-equality

3. Share and find out insights from others

4. Meet others and work together pan-equality specialisms


Join us to put into practice working together and connecting pan-equality, to build solidarity and strengthen our campaigns!

Note – If you didn’t attend the first event not to worry, we will be giving a short recap and build from there.


We are also offering grants to pay for peoples’ data etc. as we want to include people who are ‘digitally excluded’. Peer activists, user-led Mental Health projects and Experts by Experience can apply to have expenses reimbursed via HEAR digital exclusion work. Get in touch with

for more info.


For any other event info contact Rebecca –

Invitation: Human Rights and Covid 19 Free Online Workshop with British Institute of Human Rights 10th June

HEAR is pleased to invite you to an interactive online workshop session delivered for us by our colleagues at the British Institute of Human Rights

Wednesday 10th June, 2.30pm-4pm

The session is specifically designed to look at human rights in the context of the current Covid 19 emergency and will include:

-An introduction to human rights

-What legal changes impacting on human rights have been made by the Coronavirus Act?

-Examples of specific rights and how they are relevant to the current emergency

-Practical framework for upholding rights in the current context

If you would like to attend this important workshop please email:

to reserve a place

Please include your name and the group or organisation you are connected to (if there is one)

Please also say if you have any access barriers to attending online meetings

HEAR’s Pan-Equality Hate Crime Network
Charities Challenging Hate Crime


Our last network meeting was for an extraordinary meeting in January. Members agreed to work together on a “User-Led Strategy for all survivors of hate crime and targeted abuse in London”, and to launch it and some joint manifesto asks at a Hustings Against Hate for 2020’s Mayoral elections.

Well much has changed since then, including the elections being postponed.

Hate crime and domestic abuse, however, seem to have increased and shifted since the global pandemic and the resultant ‘lockdown’.

Many of our members have been extremely busy responding to emergency needs, applying their Lived Experience expertise to supporting new communities of survivors, as well as delivering holisitc services like adovcacy, housing support, food bank access, and collecting data and case study examples to advise and support our statutory colleagues at this world altering time.

After the initial crisis and flurry of emergency responses members are now asking we meet, virtually, to #EndHateTogether

We are proposing meeting(s) late in June to celebrate Gypsy, Roma and Traveller History Month.

We will have seminars and presentations on challenging race and ‘migrant’ hate.

We will discuss reframing messages on ‘vulnerability’, protecting older and disabled people from hate speech and abuse during ‘cocooning’.

Date TBC, please email to express your interest, telling us how long is too long for a viritual meeting for you!

Members events:




Free Media Training for Small Race Equality Groups 3rd June

CRÈME Media training workshop – Raising the local profile of your organisation

Register Now

At this critical time, it is vital for organisations to raise their profile and create fresh income streams. This media training workshop will focus on how to raise the visibility of your organisation – even if you are not currently doing much in the way of service delivery!

In the post-COVID world, businesses have closed, people have lost their jobs, and charities are struggling to survive. Will these smaller charities survive the lockdown, and will they still be solvent when the lockdown finally ends?

At this critical time, it is vital for organisations to raise their profile and create fresh income streams. This media training workshop will focus on how to raise the visibility of your organisation – even if you are not currently doing much in the way of service delivery!

So how do you raise your visibility? In two ways – on-line and I.R.L. (in real life). This training will deal with both.

This workshop will show you:

  • how to connect on-line with organisations and people you haven’t even met.
  • how to get local media like newspapers and radio stations to promote your organisation without having to pay for an advert.

CRÈME is a three-year project to work with small race equality organisations in London to help them better engage with the media.

This workshop is free to join and will take place on-line on Wednesday 3rd June from 3 till 4:30pm using ZOOM.

HEAR is a partner in Superhighways Datawise London project. are The project is offering the following training sessions:


Tue, 9 Jun 10:00

Qualitative Data 101


Plus a message from our partners at Superhighways:

We’ve been collaborating with a range of organisations to extend our digital support via a growing network of

Catalyst Collaborators,

working together to strengthen the digital capabilities of the UK’s voluntary sector.

As part of the Catalyst

Digital Teams initiative,

we’ve worked alongside digital agencies Reason Digital and We Are Open, on two week sprints solving challenges for a number of charity networks. We’ll be sharing resources developed for these projects in the next eNews.

We know that many small charities previously struggled to see where digital services might fit with their everyday face-to-face work – but are now thinking of new ways to do things. Digital ways that will help them face the future, even when we get to meet and share a cup of tea. That’s why we’re continuing to work with CAST on another Catalyst initiative to run a Design Hop specifically for small charities and community organisations. For now,

please register your interest in this free training to help you design your digital service,

likely to be in July.

Domestic Abuse and Covid 19 – a Faith Peerspective 4th June

A message from Faiths Forum for London

Since Covid-19 restrictions were imposed, calls to Refuge, the UK’s largest domestic abuse charity, have increased overnight by 120%.

As part of the #FaithsAgainstDomesticAbuse Campaign, join us for a Domestic Abuse Webinar discussing the issue from a cultural and faith based perspective, in partnership with Faiths United , The Women’s Interfaith Network , Faiths Forum for London and The Edward Cadbury Centre.

Thursday 4th June

5pm – 6:30pm

With speakers: Veronica Simpson, CEO of Back In Control Consultancy , Polly Harrar, Founder of The Sharan Project and Rahmanara Chowdhury, Psychologist and Author.

Click here to register

Click here to sign up for the Hate Crime Round Table >


Poverty Alliance Webinar -Tackling Unemployment After Covid, 11th June

The Poverty Alliance is hosting a series of free webinars to consider how we can ‘Build Back Better’ in the aftermath of the coronavirus. We will be looking at a range of issues and themes from the economy and labour market, to public health, social security and democracy.Our next webinar, Returning to Work: Tackling unemployment after Covid-19, will take place on:

11th June at 11.30am

and will look at what the likely impact of the response to coronavirus will be on unemployment and what action is required to ensure that there is no return to mass unemployment.

We are delighted that the following speakers will join us:

To register for the webinar please go to this link:

Bi-Fi Festival!

Streaming on Twitch, this virtual event will be a celebration of bi voices. Tune in to watch thought-provoking discussion panels and enjoy entertainment from a diverse array of performers. Then turn the volume up for a DJ’ed after party!

In these strange and uncertain times, keeping our community together is more important than ever.

A virtual event may not be quite what we had originally planned for this year, but we think it’s going to be pretty special.

More details will be announced soon but, in the meantime, put the date in your diary – you’re not going to want to miss this.

WHEN: SATURDAY 20TH JUNE, 17:00 – 21:00

To find out more and how to take part:

Previous partners include:
London Plus, Race on the Agenda, British Institute of Human Rights, Just Space, Just Fair, Equally Ours, Inclusion London, Faiths Forum for London, Age UK London, REAP, Greater London Volunteering, Greenwich CVS, Haringey Association of Voluntary and Community Organisations, Lewisham Volunteer Centre, National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO), Newham Forum for Health and Wellbeing, Redbridge CVS, Richmond CVS, ASCENT Partnership, London Borough of Haringey, Barnet Healthwatch, Lewisham CVS, Waltham Forest Healthwatch, GLA

Some Recent and Past HEAR Events:

  • Every Quarter: Pan London Pan Equality Hate Crime Network Charities Challenging Hate Crime

  •  Intersectionality and Immigration
  • Diversity in Volunteering
  • Working Together for Equality in London: Collaboration, Partnership and Solidarity

  • Networks and Mapping for Campaigning and Solidarity

      • Working for Equality with the GLA and Statutory Sector Colleagues-London’s Living Room, City Hall

  • Deaf and Disabled Refugees, Strategic Expert Group

  • #OurWayAhead London Plan Consultation

  • Refugees: Home, Homelessness, Destitution and Survival

    • #OurWayAhead Better Health for All Londoners

  • Working Together for Health Equality in London Mayoral Strategy consultation event with the GLA

  • Haringey Adult Learning and Skills VCS Networking Meeting

  • Hate Crime Awareness Week Lunch and Learn

  • Working Together for an Inclusive London Mayoral Strategy Consultation event with the GLA

  • #OurWayAhead-Community Action Partnership event

  • No Missing Pieces-the Way Ahead for Everyone

  • Supporting the Supporters-support for organisations supporting refugees

  • Still Unheard Out There-LGBTQI Lives through the Prism of Diversity -Pride Fringe event

  • Rainbow London: Illuminating, Celebrating and Supporting Diverse LGBT Lives in London

  • Faith and Older Age-in partnership with Age UK London and Faiths Forum for London

  • Economic and Social Rights: A Human Rights Approach to Social Justice Training (in partnership with Just Fair)

  • Refugees: Home, Homelessness and Survival (in partnership with REAP)

  • Trans Awareness Training

  • Disabled and in Exile: Being Excluded Twice

  • The Gender Recognition Act

  • Supporting LGBT Refugees and Asylum Seekers

  • LGBT People of Faith

  • Disabled Refugees: Rights to Health, Mental Health and Social Care Support

  • Hardly Hard To Reach’ programme of peer learning, consultation and campaign events for BAMER Mental Health Equality in West London

HEAR aims, through its funded projects, and in partnership with its members, to provide a wide range of workshops, peer learning and networking and other events of benefit to London voluntary and community organisations, and those with whom they work. HEAR training, workshops and events address many different topics related to equality, human rights, diversity and inclusion.
The Policy and Campaigns project, funded by Trust for London, organises networking events to support organisations with their policy and campaigns work. Our work funded by City Bridge Trust organises a variety of events  and activities to build and strengthen bridges  between different parts o f London, across different equality groups and specialisms, and to promote voice and influence. In addition HEAR Works with its members and others to put on other events on specific equality or human rights themes.


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