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Communicating Covid-Strategic Communications 4th August


As part of our Stronger Together project funded by Awards for All we are excited to invite you to a free online workshop:

Using Strategic Communications for Smarter Campaigning in the Time of Covid 19

Tuesday 4th August, 10am – 12pm via Zoom

In the session we’ll give you an overview of strategic communications theory and practice, helping you communicate to change hearts and minds on the issues that matter for our communities and the people we work with and for. We’ll also look at some of the narratives in play around Covid-19 and the response to it, and what these mean for all of our work.

Equally Ours have been building expertise in strategic communications for some ten years, working with their policy network and others to communicate for change on equality and human rights. They have trained more than 250 civil society organisations to reframe their issues and persuade the ‘moveable middle’ to bring about policy change.

Please join HEAR on this really useful workshop, delivered by our colleagues at Equally Ours

To take part please email:

Please let us know if you have any access or communication needs




Short seminar on housing law for disabled people 13th August


HEAR is delighted to invite individual disabled people, disabled people’s organisations and disability and housing advisers to a free expert one hour introduction to housing law delivered by Disability Law Service.

13th August, 11am-12pm via Zoom

The housing seminar will cover the following areas:

  • Homelessness assistance for persons who are homeless or threatened with homelessness under Parts 6 and 7 of the Housing Act 1996.
  • “Possessions” and “Eviction” proceedings whether with a Local Authority, Housing Association/Trust or private landlord
  • Disrepair matters that lead to ill-health;
  • Injunctions under the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 (in the context of housing)
  • Anti-social Behaviour (ASBO


If you are wishing to reserve a place please email:

Please let us know if you have any access or communications needs relevant to online meetings



Free Expert Training on Employment Law from Disability Law Service 19th August


HEAR is delighted to invite you to an expert 3 hour training workshop on employment law, delivered by Disability Law Service:

Wednesday 19th August, 10am-1pm (including a break)

via Zoom

The training will cover:

Key Legal Concepts:

What is discrimination? – everyday versus legal definitions

What is a disability? – Equality Act definition

Basic employment rights – such as the right not to have unlawful deductions from salary, and the right not to suffer unfair dismissal – when will a dismissal be fair?

EqualityAct rights:

  • Direct Discrimination – how to identify this
  • Indirect Discrimination
  • Reasonable adjustments (including what happens if there are changing demands?)
  • Discrimination Arising from Disability
  • Victimization
  • Harassment

Disclosing disability – the legal position

Practical Aspects

Whether to disclose a disability when applying for a post – pros and cons

When to disclose a disability if you are offered a role

  • Do you need adjustments to do the job?
  • Do others need to know of the disability in any event?

Help– for example, Access to Work

Getting adjustments made when in work

What to do if you have a job and become a disabled person

Sickness absence – practical considerations and adjustments

Raising complaints – grievances and the Employment Tribunal

Compensationand other remedies

Carers rights –flexible working

If you think this training will be of value to you or your organisation, or those you support, please email:

to reserve a place

Please let us know if you have any communication needs


Some recent and past HEAR and joint partnership events:


  • Every Quarter: Pan London Pan Equality Hate Crime Network Charities Challenging Hate Crime

  • Changing the Prescription-More Inclusive Social Prescribing
  • Advocating for Data
  • Data for Everyone
  •  Intersectionality and Immigration
  • Diversity in Volunteering
  • Working Together for Equality in London: Collaboration, Partnership and Solidarity

  • Networks and Mapping for Campaigning and Solidarity

      • Working for Equality with the GLA and Statutory Sector Colleagues-London’s Living Room, City Hall

  • Deaf and Disabled Refugees, Strategic Expert Group

  • #OurWayAhead London Plan Consultation

  • Refugees: Home, Homelessness, Destitution and Survival

    • #OurWayAhead Better Health for All Londoners

  • Working Together for Health Equality in London Mayoral Strategy consultation event with the GLA

  • Haringey Adult Learning and Skills VCS Networking Meeting

  • Hate Crime Awareness Week Lunch and Learn

  • Working Together for an Inclusive London Mayoral Strategy Consultation event with the GLA

  • #OurWayAhead-Community Action Partnership event

  • No Missing Pieces-the Way Ahead for Everyone

  • Supporting the Supporters-support for organisations supporting refugees

  • Still Unheard Out There-LGBTQI Lives through the Prism of Diversity -Pride Fringe event

  • Rainbow London: Illuminating, Celebrating and Supporting Diverse LGBT Lives in London

  • Faith and Older Age-in partnership with Age UK London and Faiths Forum for London

  • Economic and Social Rights: A Human Rights Approach to Social Justice Training (in partnership with Just Fair)

  • Refugees: Home, Homelessness and Survival (in partnership with REAP)

  • Trans Awareness Training

  • Disabled and in Exile: Being Excluded Twice

  • The Gender Recognition Act

  • Supporting LGBT Refugees and Asylum Seekers

  • LGBT People of Faith

  • Disabled Refugees: Rights to Health, Mental Health and Social Care Support

  • Hardly Hard To Reach’ programme of peer learning, consultation and campaign events for BAMER Mental Health Equality in West London


HEAR aims, through its funded projects, and in partnership with its members, to provide a wide range of workshops, peer learning and networking and other events of benefit to London voluntary and community organisations, and those with whom they work. HEAR training, workshops and events address many different topics related to equality, human rights, diversity and inclusion.
The Policy and Campaigns project, funded by Trust for London, organises networking events to support organisations with their policy and campaigns work. Our work funded by City Bridge Trust organises a variety of events  and activities to build and strengthen bridges  between different parts of London, across different equality groups and specialisms, and to promote voice and influence. Our NetEquality and Stronger Together projects also hold events, seminars and workshops. In addition HEAR Works with its members and others to put on other events on specific equality or human rights themes.


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