Bridging Divides

We Are Bridging Divides!


HEAR is proud to be supported by City Bridge Trust through its Bridging Divides  funding, to deliver an exciting programme of equality and social justice work across London.


Through this project, we want to build upon HEAR’s previous work growing and supporting an active, pan-equality, intersectional network of London civil society organisations, supporting the development of Way Ahead principles, and embedding them in practical action.


We are doing this through providing activities and support that will bridge several important divides, and strengthen existing connections:

-between front-line organisations, civil society activists and campaigners in different parts of London
-between specialist front-line organisations and others working in different specialisms, across equality strands
-between individuals, groups and organisations of different sizes and scales
-between equality specialist organisations and those that are not equality specialists
-between small grass-roots and user-led groups and campaigns and decision-makers

These bridges and connections will support:
-civil society action that is not limited by artificial divisions
-greater resilience and effectiveness through access to shared learning and mutual support
-improved equality of voice and influence
-increased involvement of user-led groups in co-production and decision-making


In the first year of our project we have worked with  over 150 groups, institutions and individuals  across a wide  range of activities:


Better Equalities Data


-We have worked with London Plus, Race on the Agenda and a number of other civil society groups and statutory sector colleagues on a range of activities, all aimed at improving the quality and effectiveness of both the collection and use of equalities data.


Working with Universities


-We were proud to be part of the Steering Group for the Just Space led work on improving the relationship between London universities and community groups. We have also developed other links with universities in London   and are making plans for a number of joint activities in 2020.


Diversity in Volunteering


-We have worked with London Plus, Race on the Agenda and other partners to look at how we can increase the diversity of those volunteering in London civil society organisations and the wider community, so everyone has an equal opportunity to get involved and be supported as a volunteer.


A Place for Equality


-The accessibility of   public spaces of all kinds is really important to our members across all equality strands. So is being able to live in a place that is welcoming, where communities are not impacted by inappropriate development and gentrification, and where they can live in safe and appropriate housing.


HEAR has  been involved in facilitating its members to have their views heard at the Examination in Public of the London Plan. We’ve worked with the Centre for London to give people a voice about the inclusivity and accessibility of privately owned public spaces in London.  We have worked closely with, and received a lot of valuable support from, our colleagues at Just Space on planning and development issues. We have taken part in the GLA’s work on social infrastructure. We have worked with Positive Ageing in London, Age UK London and the GLA on working towards making London an Age Friendly City. We have worked with the  Town and Country Planning  Association who were funded by Trust for London to look at equality issues in planning.


Learning Across Specialisms


-HEAR’s strength is that it is a pan-equality and intersectional network. We want to enable people and groups with different  specialist knowledge and experience to learn from each other, in order to provide better support for Londoners.


The Immigration and Intersectionality event, jointly supported by Trust for London through our Policy and Campaigns project, broght together people and groups working in many different fields related to immigration, with an intersectional lens. CVSs, local and national government colleagues and funders also got involved in the valuable learning.


This is just some of the work we have done so far to build, maintain and repair bridges.


We are building a repository of materials from these and the other work of this project, so watch this space for much more coming soon!


Plus City Bridge Trust also supports our core activities, which include sending out our regular bulletins, packed with information, resources, training and job opportunities, plus free events, all focused on equality, human rights and so justice.


If you don’t receive our bulletins yet and would like to, or learn more, contact:


or call


0207 832 5817