Support for VCS during Corona from MPs,Lords and Funders

Hundreds of MPs and Lords from nine different political parties have signed a letter demanding support for charities facing an “absolutely disastrous” situation of being forced to close as a reult of Covid 19, despite filling in many gaps for the most at risk. The letter sent to Rishi Sunak asks the chancellor to take “urgent action” to support charities, voluntary organisations and social enterprises.
The letter says “without an immediate injection of money, many charities, voluntary organisations and social enterprises of all sizes will soon close. Funds are running out”. Karl Wilding, chief executive of the NCVO said: “Every day counts here. I’m hearing from charities whose income has disappeared overnight but who still have to run services for their communities. Many of them have very little emergency cash to tide them over, and even those that do will run out in a matter of weeks…I know the government is working on this but for many charities around the country there is very little time to spare.”

You can read more of the letter by clicking on the link in the image below. Why not ask your MP to sign or use the hashtag #AskRishi #EveryDayCounts to promote the letter and demands

Page 1 of letter sent to Chancellor Rishi Sunak, signed by 300 MPs and Lords, demanding government support VCS

Greater London Authority and London Funders
GLA Coronavirus (COVID-19) supporting civil society organisations
Civil society plays a crucial role in supporting London’s communities and the work of charities, faith organisations, un-constituted groups and volunteers must be protected during this period of uncertainty.

On their website they’ve provided information on available resources to support civil society through the coronavirus outbreak. If you are a volunteer looking for ways to safely support London’s communities during the coronavirus outbreak, please visit our volunteering page.

One thing the GLA and London Funders have done is quickly establish an emergency fund see below

The London Community Response
The London Community Response, co-ordinated by London Funders, is a result of collaboration between the Mayor of London and London Funders. The single application point for charities and community groups enables organisations to access funding from multiple funders in a fast and efficient way.
The first wave of funding has now been launched and will be for up to £5k for food and essentials only. This is in response to funders listening to the sector about what is immediately required on the ground to keep services going. You can apply now for a grant up to £5,000 for these immediate and urgent needs.
We cannot stress enough that the first wave will not be your organisation’s only opportunity to apply for funding – this is simply to ensure that emergency essentials are in place. There will be a second wave of funding in early April for larger grants, service transformation costs, and ongoing work to support communities. Funders are also exploring funding for some of the longer-term needs of communities and the sector affected by the crisis. Organisations can apply and receive funds in each of the different waves. Applying in this first wave will not prevent you from applying for further funds in due course, but also you won’t miss out on the fund if your organisation does not need this kind of practical support right now. Details of funding, eligibility, application process and when will be available on London Community Response To apply for funding complete the single application form on the website. Your application will then considered by a range of funders in London Community Response

Standard Life Foundation – fast track applications.
Standard Life Foundation are continuing assessment process of all current funding applications but mindful that applicants may wish to reconsider their proposals in light of coronavirus and are encouraging them to adjust as necessary, and making funding available for work directly related to the pandemic. More detail about their approach and the types of activities they fund are outlined in more detail in our funding guidelines. They will fund a range of strategic work that has the potential to benefit large numbers of people within the UK and must aim to create a step change in policy, practice, attitudes and/or behaviour. It includes policy work, campaigning, research, public attitudinal work, and improving practice and design; rapid analysis of key issues, for example, self-employed workers, or social care sectors; modelling new proposals such as enhanced sick pay, changes to pensions; recording impacts on low-to-middle income groups; specific advocacy and policy work on a range of issues related to income, spending and assets.

This new funding stream will be a fast track process for projects responding to the pandemic that can be started in the next few weeks. Projects funded may last only a few weeks or months but some may be longer. Grants will range from £5,000 to larger amounts. Organisations we are already funding can apply, as can organisations we are already considering for our current funding round. The call is also open to organisations we have rejected in the past, including our last funding round. Applicants should submit a one page document outlining their idea (and if the proposal is for research, some detail on your methodology). This should be submitted to:
The usual funding round in June will go ahead and SLF are encouraging applications to address the challenges arising from the pandemic, thinking of medium and longer term solutions.

The National Emergency Trust is raising funds to enable local grass roots community organisations to respond to the current emergency. The funds will be distributed via the network of Community Foundations. You can find out details of the Community Foundation in your area here

Crisis Emergency Grants for organisations
The homelessness and housing sectors currently face a huge and unprecedented challenge. Governments across Great Britain have publicly committed to bringing everybody indoors, however it is the frontline organisations, working alongside their local authorities which are stepping up to turn these ambitions into reality.

That is why Crisis decided to set up In This Together campaign. As part of this we are fundraising to support our services but also to deliver a grants programme which support local homelessness organisations across the UK to respond to this emergency. We have already started providing emergency grants up to £5000 to pay for things people have told us they urgently need. Services which can no longer operate from a centre are quickly turning themselves into outreach organisations, people providing their clients with the means to keep themselves safe and connected with cleaning materials and mobiles and trying to bring in the additional capacity needed to meet increased need but also fill gaps where staff and volunteers are having to distance themselves.

Although there are also opportunities amongst the challenges. Things we were told weren’t possible have happened: housing benefit levels are back to being linked to market rents, evictions have been suspended and governments are showing that rough sleeping can in fact be ended (even over a weekend). If we are to capitalise on this chance, we need services which make sure no-one who is now indoors needs to go back to homelessness. So, that is why we are also looking to provide larger grants, up to £50,000, to support the more substantial changes needed so that the help that is started through an emergency can turn into something permanent.
To find out more about the grants fund and to apply for funding please download the relevant application form Up to £5K grant application form and Up to £50K grant application form