We Are the Digital Revolution – budget for delivery

HEAR members have asked us to arrange skills sharing and training to inform people about Digital Exclusion, how to overcome barriers marginalised and intersectional Londoners experience in using digital tools and share examples of good practice.

HEAR have a small budget for training and skills sharing are looking for Experts by Experience and user-led, projects and Tech and Data for Good NGOs to share examples good practice.

Delivery could be traditional training, presentations of impact of digital skills classes, casestudies of using digital and new media to create social inclusion, examples of creation, curation and online action that counter narratives that intersectional, older and disabled people are digital dummies.

Topics and themes
Protecting Privacy – keeping data private, anonymity, scams and phishing, shared devices and networks
Reducing Risk – passwords, photos, pretend profiles and perptrators perhaps disaggregating data
Accessiblity – changing settings, accessibility tools, getting in real life (IRL) alternatives (alts)
Hidden Figures – are you an ‘excluded’ minority who has been making history, culture, ‘content’ in the Digital world
No I don’t need an upgrade” – open source, generic hardware, free WiFi and using digital to save money not spend it
Techie Tricks – most of us are digitally self taught, even digital natives! What are your most used techie tricks and favourite apps, programmes and tools

If you would like to express an interest in delivering training, skill sharing or writing up an example of good practice on one of the topics above, or another that you know is important to reducing Digital Exclusion email mhairi@HEARequality.org.uk with your proposal.

Your proposal should be 1 A4 or less, please include:
How your delivery will reduce Digital Exclusion
Which marginalised Londoners you have worked with
Which intersectional and excluded Londoners will benefit most
Contact details