Report from HEAR’s policy and campaigns officer – AGM 2020

Policy and Campaigns report HEAR AGM 2020 -Mhairi McGhee

To support equality and human rights organisations in London to influence policy and decision-makers on issues that impact on their beneficiaries; share their specialist knowledge, experience and expertise with their peers and contribute to the development of policy.”

Pan-Equality Hate Crime
Reduce fragmentation and create a stronger combined voice in London’s hate crime sector through running London’s quarterly Pan-Equality Hate Crime network, feeding expertise and expert organisations into the Law Commission hate crime law review and Equality and Diversity Forum/Equally Ours Hate Crime contact group, particularly from under-reporting and intersectional communities
Deaf and Disabled Asylum Seekers and Refugees
Increase understanding of and improve responses to Deaf and disabled asylum seekers and refugees by leading for Deaf and Disabled ‘customers’ at the Home Office NASF Equality sub-group. This year ensured a rights based, pan-equality approach was used in the production of two HO induction booklets for new applicants and delivering an event for 70+, Intersectionality in Immigration.
LGBTQI+ Diversity
Finished LGBTQI+ work. Our example working with members to raise the profile and concerns of under-heard and intersectional LGBTQI+ communities demonstrated the how and why of involving Expert by Experience and user-led VCS, and that ‘hard to reach’ is a choice by delivering a programme where the knowledge of intersex, bisexual, LGBTQI disabled, BAMER and people of faith was given primacy.
Mental Health Equality
Working with BAMER user-led organisations in the borough covered by NWL CCCGs influenced the production of Equality Objectives to reduce health inequalities through commissioning and in the implementation the NHS Long Term plan. Designed and delivered a programme of peer-learning for BAMER mental health campaigners in NWL with training from BIHR, Equally Ours, NSUN, Black Thrive and BTEG. Having worked closely with Race on the Agenda and their Healthy Lives and Healthy Minds partners delivered a workshop based on the #HardlyHardToReach campaign at their conference.
Digital Exclusion
Pulling together the experiences of digitally excluded Londoners pan-equality. The production of the “7 Deadly Sins of Digital Exclusion” a one page briefing to highlight that digital inclusion is not about having a smart phone, silver surfer training or the last mile of optic cable or free broadband but creation, curation, entertainment and choosing not to engage online. We have advised Open Data Institute, Legal Education Fund, academics, VCS on how intersectionality, poverty and privacy interact to exacerbate structural inequalities. In development are a literature review, a programme of events to improve understanding of Digital Exclusion including an event with the ONS and London Plus about the Digital First census.
Moved HEAR’s membership and mailing functions onto Interests Me
Represented London’s equality and rights sector at the first day of the Examination in Public of the New London Plan the GLA planning and housing strategy
Delivered workshop about involving Experts by Experience for Intersectional Equality at international Intersectionality conference at the University of Edinburgh
Manage HEAR’s online policy and campaigns presence including twitter, google-group, Facebook and the website
Outside P&C
Drafted Volunteer Policy to enable HEAR Network
Commissioned to produce a literature review about intersectional stigma and mental wellbeing for Thrive LDN
Delivered training as part of Awards for All training Expert by Experience campaigners
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Policy and campigners officer started an additional 4th day a week in October 2019 as researcher for NetEquality