Open letter to London Mayor secured pan-equality support

In only a few days a pan-equality group of human rights and equality VCS have come together to sign a letter to London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

The letter demands that London’s City Hall must do more than just ‘talk the talk’ when it comes to challenging hate crime and support the tiny charity that runs National Hate Crime Awareness Week distributing merchandise for October’s event across all London boroughs.

As Brexit impacts on community cohesion and marginalised people are at increased risk of hate crime and targeted abuse in London, Mayor Sadiq Khan must demonstrate his commitment to challenging hate crime by working to support VCS partners who drive this work forward.

Please see and share this signed open letter to Mayor Khan NHCAW. To add your support please email letter to Mayor NHCAW
Please also see this crowdfunder from National Hate Crime Awareness Week aims to encourage local authorities (police and councils), key partners and communities affected by hate crime to work together to tackle local hate crime issues.

NHCAW coordinate the national week. Reported hate crime has gone up 17% in the last year, it has risen 123% since 2012.

We know that there are people who have been affected by hate crime who are suffering alone and we want to make sure they know the whole of the country stands in solidarity with them.

So far NHCAW project had helped get over 211 councils involved and we need your help to get the rest on-board.

NationalHCAW is about uniting communities and sharing a message of #HOPE