Prioritise Peer-led and make London a Human Rights City – ways towards Mental Health Equality

Mental Health equality is an area of interest and expertise for many HEAR
members. The causal links between exclusion, discrimination, isolation and poor mental well being are well documented.

Organisations run by and working with marginalised, including intersectional, Londoners have, therefore, extensive knowledge of the discrimination and barriers experienced by those with Mental Health Support Needs (MHSN) and have developed practical, efficient ways of overcoming them.

What Londoners with Lived Experience Said  is a literature review presenting HEAR members’ expert knowledge of intersectional communities that are of significant interest to London policy makers.

The recommendations in What Londoners with Lived Experience Said are drawn from good practice and provide a framework that can work for many intersectional and marginalised Londoners. They include London becoming a Human Rights City and City of Sanctuary and prioritising peer-led interventions.

Summary of What Londoners with Lived Experience Said
This paper also suggests some communities that require further outreach, focus and investment to improve Mental Health Equality; these are Londoners at risk of exploitation, faith communities and BAMER people; ““Racism is a political issue. Inequality is a political issue. Mental health is a political issue. We should hold politicians to account” (National Survivor User Network, 2018, ‘A Call for Social Justice Changes to Policy and Practice That Will Improve the Lives and Mental Wellbeing of Mental Health Service Users from Black and Minority Ethnic Communities’)