HEAR partners with Changing Faces to challenge #VisibleHate

HEAR is delighted to partner with Changing Faces to highlight that for too long, people with facial disfigurements or visible differences have been putting up with hate, whether verbal, physical, or mental abuse, because of how they look. It’s time to break the cycle of #VisibleHate

Did you know that if someone has harmed or abused you either physically or verbally because you look different, then that may be a hate crime or hate incident?

The charity Changing Faces has just launched a set of new films of Experts by Experience to highlight how hate crimes affect people with visible differences – check them out

There’s a link here to view & share today with the hashtag #VisibleHate along with their great resources at http://www.changingfaces.org.uk/hatecrime explaining the law and how to report hate crime to break the cycle.

Targeting people because of a prejudice on the basis of a mark, scar or condition that affects appearance, including birthmarks, burns, craniofacial or congenital conditions (meaning a condition you are born with) , paralysis, acne or eczema, hairloss or differing appearance due to cancer or another disease, could be Disability Hate Crime.

Speak up, speak out, together let's stop it

1 in 3 people who look different have been a victim of hate crime. Break the cycle of visible hate

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