FREE event – No Missing Pieces-Equality, Rights and Inclusion for the Whole Person

HEAR The Way Ahead for Everyone
No Missing Pieces-Equality, Rights and Inclusion for the Whole Person

Tuesday 6th June 2017, 12.45pm-5pm , The Camden Centre, Kings Cross, (including networking lunch)

As part of its work to support the development of The Way Ahead, to strengthen and support civil society in London in a changing future HEAR invites you to an exciting event looking at the specific issues faced by community groups, voluntary organisations, individual activists and campaigners, public sector partners and funders when seeking to support Londoners whose identities and/or experiences don’t fit neatly into ‘boxes’ and cross boundaries of specialism and expertise.

How can we work better at a time of challenge for civil society infrastructure to make sure that nobody is missed out, and that intersectionality is not merely a word that some  of us sometimes use, but something real that we build into our practice.

To register your interest in attending please email the HEAR Coordinator
or call 0207 832 5817/07466 119268